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The Power Factor is a venture launched by the IEEE PES SBC of Rajagiri School of Engineering and technology, Kochi. We aim to raise a platform for the world's energy enthusiasts to share, collect and enhance each other's knowledge via script. Our blogs are focussed on the power and energy sector, staying true to our founding mission of being an envoy to a brighter future.

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India's First 400kV Fully Digital Substation

~ Ms. Santhi B

Digitization and automation have been focus areas for the Indian power grid over the last decade. During this period, the Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd. (POWERGRID), the central transmission utility for India, deployed IEC 61850-based grid substation automation in more than 100 substations across the country. The IEC standard defines a common communication protocol among intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) produced by different manufacturers to achieve extensive interoperability when installed on transmission system protection and control schemes. However, IEC 61850 is not just a protocol; it has changed how power systems are controlled, protected and monitored....

POWERGRID’s initial deployment of IEC 61850-based systems focused on the peer-to-peer communication link, namely, generic object-oriented substation events (GOOSE). GOOSE protocol uses a publisher/subscriber type communication, where event messages are sent by a device that other...

Advanced Vehicle Simulator (ADVISOR) for Electric vehicle Simulations

~ Ms. Pratibha P K

In the present scenario of the world, the transportation sector is the largest user of energy. At the present usage rate of oil, the reserves will last hardly 35 years. Eventually it will give rise to exorbitant price hikes and thus transportation based on oil and other fossil fuels will not be economically viable. Another major concern is global warming as a result of release of greenhouse gases when fossil fuels are burnt which leads to a myriad of problems like climate change and rising sea levels which could destroy coastal cities of the world...

Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries

~ Dr. Rinu Alice Koshy

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are currently one of the most important electrochemical energy storage devices, powering electronic mobile devices and electric vehicles alike. However, there is a remarkable difference between their rate of production and rate of recycling. At the end of their lifecycle, only a limited number of LIBs undergo any recycling treatment, with the majority going to landfills or being hoarded in households. Further losses of LIB components occur because the state-of-the-art...

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